The Southern New York Railway
Oneonta Street Railway (1888-1897)
Oneonta & Otego Valley Railroad (1897-1900)
Oneonta, Cooperstown & Richfield Springs Railway (1900-1906)
Oneonta & Mohawk Valley Railway (1906-1908)
Otsego & Herkimer Railroad (1908-1916)
Southern New York Power & Railway Co. (1916-1924)
Southern New York Railroad (1924-1970?)

Right of Way and Structures

Right of Way and Structures
Laurens Mt. Vision Hartwick



The Laurens station, early 1900's. It was on the west end of Main Street. The church in the background still stands, though the station was moved in the late 1920's after passenger service ceased.


The Laurens station today. It is currently south off of Main Street, across from the Laurens Central School (and a little west.) The building has had several additions put on it, but the roof line is still recognizable from Main Street. This side of the structure is still pretty much intact as it was.


The Laurens station is now a private residence. The owner is qute friendly, and chatted for quite a while about the station.

Mt. Vision


The Mount Vision station was fairly modest by SNY standards. There was also a milk station just north of the station. The station no longer exists.



A shop and barn was built in Hartwick in 1902. It burned down in 1925.


Around 1914, a second story was added to one end of the Hartwick station to house a dispatcher.


The Hartwick station of the SNY is now a laundromat and feed store. To the immediate right is the EMBA hall.


Originally used a the general offices of the railway, this building was moved in 1917 to its present location, and opened under the auspices of the Employee Mutual Benefit Assn. of the Southern New York Power and Railway Co. Known as "Tammany Hall", it contained a large auditorium which doubled as a gym, and was a center of social activity for many years. It later was used as a gym by the local school, and today serves as a community hall.

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